Thought my special day ended already after having to spent it with Gary. But I was totally mistaken! My loving family prepared something for me pala. HAHA Yayyy for more. When I got home kasi, I hurriedly head to my computer to check if there were messages. Then while busy thanking those who sent me greetings, My kuya, Ate Joyce and Ate Mhean went home with cake, Pansit, and some refreshments for me and and for the whole gang to share with.

I was totally overwhelmed by how my elder siblings surprised me for that special day. Thought I’m not that important to them kase HAHA.. (dramaamputs). After blowing my candles, nothing more happened. But just the bare thought that they value me as they’re younger sibling make it super duper special for me. What we refer as The Little Things :)

Yaaay! Cheers to another year added to my age! Though until now, I still couldn’t believe that I’m already 22. I feel like a little bit younger for that number. Do you guys agree? Hahaha You ought to agree LOLJK. I’m just so thankful that I was surrounded by adorable kids who makes me smile everyday. Smiling can keep an individual stays young right? Hihihi.. 

Anyway, this would be the final blog post for my BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS. So thank you for those who sent their late birthday greetings. I so love you all guys! Let’s all keep updated. Hehe.. 

PS: Today marks a week after my birthday! HAHA Just sayin’. If you ever missed the part 1 & 2 of my celebrations just click the links to read it. Hope you all had a great Wednesday. ^^

BIRTHDAY CELEB with GARY /0209101403/

Asked for an early out last Wednesday cause I promised myself that I wouldn’t let my special day passed without spending it to my man.. Also Gary and I agreed that we have to celebrate my birthday with just the two of us. What we’ve been doing for 2 years already.

I’m craving for pizza so we looked for Greenwich but it has a jam packed of customers arggg! So my drive to eat there just gone with the wind. But luckily Pizza Hut is just around the corner so yeah beng! We just ordered Meal number I forgot. It has to servings of spaghetti, 2 solo pizza, and a  plain caesar salad. HAHA..

Roamed around the Sta. Lucia Mall after. I’m just so happy that finally I get to see him again after a week of going through some serious relationship-misunderstanding. Yes again. I super missed his voice and him saying he loves me. It’s just so perfect that even we don’t talk much over the entire day, I still enjoy the fact that we can be perfectly comfortable with just silence. No pressure to always have something to talk about, just enjoying the company of each other.

Hi beybi! Thank you for making my special day a extra extra special. I know I lack some qualities of being a good girlfriend lately but will surely make it up to you. In the mean time bear with my flaws. I love you and I love you so much. mua :*


Got an early birthday greetings from my students last Wednesday. My kinder co-teachers asked them to sing happy birthday to me and I just couldn’t stop smiling the entire song. They’ve been very good to me since the first day. Something would really make a teacher proud. Small things that really matter most. What a great start of my special day.

It was Recess time, when I went to canteen and my mom gave me a box of IDK. After seeing what’s inside, I just can’t contain my starvation. It’s a Leche flan It’s really mouthwatering and ughh BIGGG!

They (my mom’s alipores) also cooked pansit (for long life) for me to share to all 70+ teachers. When I’m done giving the pansit to all the teachers, I asked for an early out. Why? I’ll post the reason why on my next blog post! Hihihi.. 

Thank you so much to everyone who greeted me here. I love you all!


gevettej0 said: Teacher Gila, belated happy birthday! Stay pretty and young-looking :) Hihi. Sorry late. Ngayon na lang uli ako nag-Tumblr. God bless and take care always! :D *hugs and kisses*

♥♥♥Okay lang na late Jo! Atleast nakahabol Hihihi.. Thank you sooo much! God bless you too! *cyberbesobeso* :D

Hello Ate Gila! Happy Birthday to you. Stay pretty and enjoy the rest of the day. God Bless you :) 

Awww Thank you so so so so so much Camille! A+ for effort. Hehehe.. God bless you too. I super love this!


I don’t know how to do this but I hope this will work. I am giving away a FREE overall blog renovation/revamp to whoever win this “so-called giveaway”. I’ve thought about this before and I am turning this into life now. This is an exchange to all the love and support I am getting from all of you. I know this ain’t that much compare to those who give gadgets and books but I hope at least some will benefit from this. (Sorry I’m not rich, Hihihi)

So.. Let’s do this:

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What you will get:

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  • I will do all the coding just for you.

Good luck Everyone! (I really hope someone will join)

Thank you and keep safe everyone! :)

Much Love, Auradelle.



When I was in Grade V, I started to play table tennis already. Not because I love to but because mom wanted to. Since then I’ve been one of the yearly representative (single A) :D who plays for our school. I only stop becos I lost my racket T.T (someone took it away IDK) But now he’s (pingpong) back. And I think he’s really back forever. Though I’m not a varsity player anymore but a coach. Yes a coach to these Grade VI pupils. It was such an honor to be entrusted with this kind of responsibility. Ughhh!

Anyway we will be having our District meet competition this coming September 5, Friday so I’m asking for all your help to pray for them. Cause I do promised to treat them pizza if they got the 1st place. Hehe..

Furthermore, one week more to go before my birthday. No plans yet. Any idea? HAHAHA.. Goodnight! Go GILA este GILAS PILIPINAS! :))


Ola bloggers! How’s everyone doing? I hope everyone’s doing pretty well. Anyway I’ve spent my last day of August 2014 with the man I truly loveee. Though we’ve been arguing from time to time lately. Huhu.. But no biggie nothing serious.

He’s being sensitive lately resulting for us not to totally understand each other. Makes me feel like perhaps I’ve been focusing too much on work and forgets to inform him that "Yes beybi I’m still alive" or "Hi! beybi I just got home from work I’m doing pretty damn fine" and anything and everything that will stop him from worrying. Admittedly it was my fault. Yeah! Sorry for that 100000 times :)

Nevertheless, there’s so much to be thankful for the month of August. For all the blessing I’ve received. For the super duper worth it teaching experience in public school. For my extravagant co-teachers, for my adorable pupils and for the massive time intended for blogging.. Hehe..

I hope it isn’t that late to welcome September yet (my birth month) Hihihi..
Have a good night everyone!


What a super duper mega special day that even the government mandated the day as a holiday. HAHAHA.. Actually I just ditched work that day cause the principal of our school required us teachers to attend school even if it’s a holiday (to clean the rooms because we have district visitors the next day) But since I’m still a volunteer teacher I chose not to go. Like a boss. I’d rather celebrate with Gary than to clean those creepy rooms lol Haha.. 

Gary and I went to Carlden again for our merienda (since it’s already late in the afternoon when we saw each other). It’s just a simple celebration indeed. It’s just to celebrate another gleeful month of us together as a couple. We dine there to eat Spaghetti, burger, pizza and mais con yelo. It’s just funny how we get endless topic when it is just the two of us. Hihihi..

3 years and 7 months feels long, but of course in a good way.. Hoho..

Hey Beybi, Thank you for all the love you’ve given me for that wonderful straight 43 months. 2 weeks to go till my 22nd Birthday, 3 months to go till your birthday. 4 months to go till Christmas, 5 months to go till our 4th Anniversary and 7 months to go till our Golden Monthsary. HAHAHA.. I’m so excited to celebrate those special days with you. Stay strong and keep the faith. Love Love Love . Let’s stay like this forever. I love you so much :*

BUWAN NG WIKA 2014 /0408221405/

Ako’y tutula
Mahabang mahaba
Ako’y uupo
Tapos na po.. LOLJK..

Celebrated the “Buwan ng Wika” last Friday (August 22, 2014). I’m quite giddy for the celebration cos I know it’s going to be far from the program I had last year. This time it’s more exciting cause I have a massive number of students unlike before. Also we get to look around the place outside the school community-by having a parade with the school’s marching band.

The sad part here is, I didn’t know that Kindergarten pupils were not really part of the program. They’re just part of the parade though. Cause I just knew that day that they’ll have different program this coming September. So after the parade we head to our designated rooms to take a break and my first session pupils went home after checking their parent’s attendance. No classes in short.

As you can see I’m not wearing anything related to buwan ng wika cause when I was about to change my outfit into a filipiniana dress, I’ve seen my kinder co-teachers not changing theirs yet that lessen my drive to change also. So I’d rather not change too.. Hahaha.. How to end this post btw? HAHAHA Kbye!

Good evening and Hello everyone!


Saturdays are very very precious. Especially when you work or go to school that will really exhaust you to death from Mondays-Fridays. It’s a one hell of a rest day or one spare day to catch up with your love ones or to have gimik with your friends/barkada. Last week I chose to spent my Saturday with this very goddess-like, glamorous, genuine, generous, and oh so gorgeous lass alyssatothewest.

We met at SM Mega Mall. But before meeting her (Lyss) I’ve seen Aelar first. I thought she could go and join us too but unfortunately she has a very important appointment to attend first so she wasn’t able to see and meet Lyss. Awww..

Moving on, It’s so much different from my previous meet up with Aelar, Tha, and Bei cos this time it’s only the two of us-Lyss. No other bloggers meaning, No other mouth. So yes I’m expecting that there’ll be more hanging time/dead air in that entire day. But I was totally wrong. Lyss is a kind of person whom you could have a non-stop conversation with. It feels like we’re friends for a long time already. Though there’s still a little, a super super little “shy factor” but you wouldn’t really notice it anyway.

When we finally saw each other, we first looked for a good place to stay and to talk properly. We go here and there and back and forth. Hahaha. Then our feet lead us J.Co but unluckily there’s no space for beautiful customers like us hihi so we tried to a nearest Coffee house I forgot the name but we didn’t get to love the ambiance so we just looked for Krispy Kreme instead.

Captured photos of us there. Talk more, Laugh more, Know each other more better while munching with out doughnuts and coffee jelly. We stayed there for more than 3 hours if I’m not mistaken.

Unplanned dates are really the best I must say. Meeting this awesome blogger makes me cross out another name of a blogger that I really wish to meet personally. Hihhi..

Thanks again for the treat Lyss. I know there’s still a second time ^^.. 

Photos (c) Alyssatothewest.


Hello lovelies! Here I am again. Did ya miss me?! HAHAHA.. Well I miss you too. As you all know, my life (work related) gets lighter since I started volunteering in a public school. I said it already that it’s more way easy teaching the public school pupils rather than those in private school. I didn’t get headaches and problems regarding their behavior which makes it more easier. I’m still lacking with my Instructional Materials though. So pardon with those very primitive resources lol.

They gave me my Lesson Plan notebook last Monday so I immediately have it covered and put some design (fail design) Hahaha! Last week I introduce them the letter Mm and Aa. It’s kinda fulfilling when you know your pupils learned something from you. They can read already OMG! Ughh those are just the little things I get with my very noble profession. Hihihi..

So moving on, It’s not wrong taking selfies with your students right? So when they’re already done with their task, I took the chance to have a pictures with them (my fave students) HAHA.. I really can’t deny the fact that I do have favoritism. Sorry not sorry.. It’s a wonderful week that I didn’t even notice the days. It sound cliche but the days really do flies. In less than a month I’ll turn a year older again. Huhuhu..

On different note, I’ve FINAAAALYYY met LYSS yesterday (August 16). And I will blog about it when she finally uploaded our pictures :) Hihihi.. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


Okay. I’m now on the mood to share what had happened to me for the last week of July. This is just to clarify and once and for all stop the speculations, negativity, and some issues that was misleading to my name from my former co-teachers.

The reason why my mom asked me to leave my former job is just because she wants to see me everyday. Meaning she doesn’t like the idea of me staying far away. It’s just only fortunate that her kumare which is my Godmother who asked me last June to teach at their school, followed up that I should report on or before August. I had goosebumps after receiving the message. Then right away I planned on my mind how to tell it to our school principal (my former job). Before I could leave they asked a replacement so I looked for teachers. Then only then they let me go.

Don’t judge. It’s not about the salary. Actually I’d left a precious high paying job in exchange of what? — FREE SERVICE. Yes you read it right free service. I’m working now as a volunteer teacher in a public school (Silangan Elementary School, San Mateo Rizal) which they couldn’t provide salary for me for the first 6 months of my teaching. So it’s really a sacrifice. Imagine? That’s half a year..

I signed a contract last August 1st. I started handling Kindergarten class on the same day. I was surprised how very different public school students from private school students. In terms of pleasant smell private school students gets the point. And in terms of behavior public school students gets the point for me. Financial stability and Parents’ attention is just one of many factors in nourishing the students.

Anyway here are some Random Facts about my current job.

  • New environment, new co-teachers.
  • I have a total of 72 co-teachers. I don’t know them all yet.
  • And I think it would take decades for me to know their names.
  • The school has 11 Buildings. Each has 2 floors only.
  • I work for 6 hours. —- ONLY. 
  • I’m handling Kindergarten Class.
  • 2 and a half hours per session.
  • First session is from 6am-8:30am.
  • Second session is from 9am-11:30am.
  • Lighter work, Less stress :)
  • After my class I’m helping with the canteen duties.
  • I don’t spent any single peso everyday.
  • ALL FOR FREE. (TranspoFare, Food, Food, Food, Food, T.Fare)
  • The school is actually my Alma mater.
  • It’s not that hard to adjust because most of the teachers there already knew me.
  • The most funny fact here is that my elementary teachers are now my colleagues. HAHA..

I hope I now make myself clear. To God Be All The Glory. Thanks for reading this far loves!

July 30, 2014 Quality Time with Gary

One thing I missed with my life the most is to have a quality time with him. Work has eaten me alive lately resulting for us to limit our time together and I’m proud to say that the effort is still present.

After saying my saddest goodbye to my Brightlamp Montessori Family, I head straight to shop to meet him. We thought of having our haircut that day cos Gary’s hair is already long and I told him that I need a new haircut too. New Work, New Haircut as how it goes. But it turned out that they are asking me for an added fee because I have a long long hair. So I’ve just backed out on the last minute and just waited for Gary to be done.

We went to the place where we first dated after. We eat at Carlden, a very famous merienda house in their barangay (Parang, Marikina). We ordered pizza, mami, and drinks—mais con yelo for me and ice cold coffee for him.

The place is very peaceful that’s why we’ve stayed there for almost an hour. We just talked randomly—the happenings in our lives lately. I told him everything about my “farewell” that I cried like a baby. It somewhat lessen the pain when I felt that there he is—willing to listen to all my achuchu in life. We just seized the moment together cause it could have been much harder for us to meet especially now on my new work. But there’s a saying goes “If there’s a will there’s a way” so I’m not worrying that much.

July has given me so much struggles and challenges to face that I thought I’ll just collapse in a glimpse. Now August is here I wish to finally get through with all of this unexpected events. But still, I’m so thankful for whatever is happening. Thanks for reading still awesomes!


I dunno where to start actually. It seem to me that I was just playing around with my life especially with my career though I know it’s God’s will for me. So for my blog’s sake I will make kwento on everything that has happened this week.

Last Saturday July 26, 2014 my mom called me at school and told me to tell the admin that I’ll be resigning asap. She also asked me to pack my things and go home on the same day (I’ll blog the reason why next time). I got literally shocked that time cos I’m busy checking the 1st Mastery Test of my students and on the verge of recording some grades. I’m enjoying my job that it never occurred to me to just leave that soon.

I said my goodbyes last Wednesday July 30. It’s actually the most heart felt and teary eyed farewell I’ve ever experience so far cos in my heart I don’t really want to go. I don’t want to leave my students. It honestly makes me feel guilty. Just the bare thought of leaving them. It’s like putting a son/daughter in an orphanage. If you know what I’m talking about. I even told myself pa nga na para bang ginulo ko lang sila. Especially the school itself. I know it’s very unprofessional of me to just do that. I just gave them a huge problem. But I have no choice. I need to and I have to. In fact, when I accepted the position, I didn’t sign any contract. So in my mind I can leave whenever I wanted to. But when this time came I just can’t stop but think of them. Missing them so much (my BMC students). I love them. It’s just that… Ughhh.. How I wish I just didn’t accept the offer. If only I knew this was going to happen.. Huhuhu..

I’ll continue with my kwento on my next next blog post. Thanks for reading awesomes!