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Hello lovelies! Here I am again. Did ya miss me?! HAHAHA.. Well I miss you too. As you all know, my life (work related) gets lighter since I started volunteering in a public school. I said it already that it’s more way easy teaching the public school pupils rather than those in private school. I didn’t get headaches and problems regarding their behavior which makes it more easier. I’m still lacking with my Instructional Materials though. So pardon with those very primitive resources lol.

They gave me my Lesson Plan notebook last Monday so I immediately have it covered and put some design (fail design) Hahaha! Last week I introduce them the letter Mm and Aa. It’s kinda fulfilling when you know your pupils learned something from you. They can read already OMG! Ughh those are just the little things I get with my very noble profession. Hihihi..

So moving on, It’s not wrong taking selfies with your students right? So when they’re already done with their task, I took the chance to have a pictures with them (my fave students) HAHA.. I really can’t deny the fact that I do have favoritism. Sorry not sorry.. It’s a wonderful week that I didn’t even notice the days. It sound cliche but the days really do flies. In less than a month I’ll turn a year older again. Huhuhu..

On different note, I’ve FINAAAALYYY met LYSS yesterday (August 16). And I will blog about it when she finally uploaded our pictures :) Hihihi.. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


Okay. I’m now on the mood to share what had happened to me for the last week of July. This is just to clarify and once and for all stop the speculations, negativity, and some issues that was misleading to my name from my former co-teachers.

The reason why my mom asked me to leave my former job is just because she wants to see me everyday. Meaning she doesn’t like the idea of me staying far away. It’s just only fortunate that her kumare which is my Godmother who asked me last June to teach at their school, followed up that I should report on or before August. I had goosebumps after receiving the message. Then right away I planned on my mind how to tell it to our school principal (my former job). Before I could leave they asked a replacement so I looked for teachers. Then only then they let me go.

Don’t judge. It’s not about the salary. Actually I’d left a precious high paying job in exchange of what? — FREE SERVICE. Yes you read it right free service. I’m working now as a volunteer teacher in a public school (Silangan Elementary School, San Mateo Rizal) which they couldn’t provide salary for me for the first 6 months of my teaching. So it’s really a sacrifice. Imagine? That’s half a year..

I signed a contract last August 1st. I started handling Kindergarten class on the same day. I was surprised how very different public school students from private school students. In terms of pleasant smell private school students gets the point. And in terms of behavior public school students gets the point for me. Financial stability and Parents’ attention is just one of many factors in nourishing the students.

Anyway here are some Random Facts about my current job.

  • New environment, new co-teachers.
  • I have a total of 72 co-teachers. I don’t know them all yet.
  • And I think it would take decades for me to know their names.
  • The school has 11 Buildings. Each has 2 floors only.
  • I work for 6 hours. —- ONLY. 
  • I’m handling Kindergarten Class.
  • 2 and a half hours per session.
  • First session is from 6am-8:30am.
  • Second session is from 9am-11:30am.
  • Lighter work, Less stress :)
  • After my class I’m helping with the canteen duties.
  • I don’t spent any single peso everyday.
  • ALL FOR FREE. (TranspoFare, Food, Food, Food, Food, T.Fare)
  • The school is actually my Alma mater.
  • It’s not that hard to adjust because most of the teachers there already knew me.
  • The most funny fact here is that my elementary teachers are now my colleagues. HAHA..

I hope I now make myself clear. To God Be All The Glory. Thanks for reading this far loves!

July 30, 2014 Quality Time with Gary

One thing I missed with my life the most is to have a quality time with him. Work has eaten me alive lately resulting for us to limit our time together and I’m proud to say that the effort is still present.

After saying my saddest goodbye to my Brightlamp Montessori Family, I head straight to shop to meet him. We thought of having our haircut that day cos Gary’s hair is already long and I told him that I need a new haircut too. New Work, New Haircut as how it goes. But it turned out that they are asking me for an added fee because I have a long long hair. So I’ve just backed out on the last minute and just waited for Gary to be done.

We went to the place where we first dated after. We eat at Carlden, a very famous merienda house in their barangay (Parang, Marikina). We ordered pizza, mami, and drinks—mais con yelo for me and ice cold coffee for him.

The place is very peaceful that’s why we’ve stayed there for almost an hour. We just talked randomly—the happenings in our lives lately. I told him everything about my “farewell” that I cried like a baby. It somewhat lessen the pain when I felt that there he is—willing to listen to all my achuchu in life. We just seized the moment together cause it could have been much harder for us to meet especially now on my new work. But there’s a saying goes “If there’s a will there’s a way” so I’m not worrying that much.

July has given me so much struggles and challenges to face that I thought I’ll just collapse in a glimpse. Now August is here I wish to finally get through with all of this unexpected events. But still, I’m so thankful for whatever is happening. Thanks for reading still awesomes!


I dunno where to start actually. It seem to me that I was just playing around with my life especially with my career though I know it’s God’s will for me. So for my blog’s sake I will make kwento on everything that has happened this week.

Last Saturday July 26, 2014 my mom called me at school and told me to tell the admin that I’ll be resigning asap. She also asked me to pack my things and go home on the same day (I’ll blog the reason why next time). I got literally shocked that time cos I’m busy checking the 1st Mastery Test of my students and on the verge of recording some grades. I’m enjoying my job that it never occurred to me to just leave that soon.

I said my goodbyes last Wednesday July 30. It’s actually the most heart felt and teary eyed farewell I’ve ever experience so far cos in my heart I don’t really want to go. I don’t want to leave my students. It honestly makes me feel guilty. Just the bare thought of leaving them. It’s like putting a son/daughter in an orphanage. If you know what I’m talking about. I even told myself pa nga na para bang ginulo ko lang sila. Especially the school itself. I know it’s very unprofessional of me to just do that. I just gave them a huge problem. But I have no choice. I need to and I have to. In fact, when I accepted the position, I didn’t sign any contract. So in my mind I can leave whenever I wanted to. But when this time came I just can’t stop but think of them. Missing them so much (my BMC students). I love them. It’s just that… Ughhh.. How I wish I just didn’t accept the offer. If only I knew this was going to happen.. Huhuhu..

I’ll continue with my kwento on my next next blog post. Thanks for reading awesomes!


I didn’t attend my classes last tuesday (July 22, 2014) as what I’ve been expecting last monday night. Although my fever got a little low already that day, I just didn’t push through to the idea of attending my classes. I thought of having a rest for the that whole day though. But instead of just staying home, (eating or sleeping) I integrated myself to my mom’s work place (Elem.School) early in the morning. I helped at the canteen. Peeled the hotdogs (6 kgs). Guarded the goods. Attended to teacher’s needs and anything that has something to do with the canteen duties.

Since there’s food all around my surrounding. I can’t help it but eat from time to time, My father had noticed me and just laughed at me. HAHA It’s not a big deal anyway. My mom had joked around—what if, I’ll just stay at their canteen doing all around duties? She even says it’s an easy money HAHAHA silly mother.. I joked back and said "You should’ve told that to me earlier". Lewl..

5th PHOTO - That’s my mom. Recording some stuff.
6th PHOTO - That’s me. That’s how I look when I have a fever. Haha
7th PHOTO - That’s Xian. Imagining the junkfoods as his bed slash his playground.

PS: I’ll try to respond to all your messages on Sunday! Sorry if it will took decades. I’m only borrowing a PC. Have a good night everyone!


Nothing can stop us and when I say NOTHING it’s really true. Believe me, even Typhoon Glenda didn’t work. HAHA.. I spent my July 15-17 with Gary. Cos I don’t have any classes. No Classes means No Salary too. Yes it’s a NO WORK NO PAY on my current job. Huhu.. Anyway back to Gary, I had meals with him 3 to 5 times a day. Had shared same bed with him. Had cuddle in the middle of the windy typhoon. Had laughed with his unique jokes and banat. Had pillow fights with him and oh so many more. It sort of feel like we’re already married cos we lived on the same roof for 3 consecutive days. Ughh the feels.

After the typhoon, we go on biking in the evening. I used Papa Ruben’s (Gary’s father) bike and Gary used his. Roamed around the city, checking those barangays without electricity yet. Seen alot of damaged trees, scattered leaves, and mud all over the surroundings. In short I’ve seen a devastated city. Just glad no one were reported as dead.

The photos above were photos last Saturday. After my Saturday work, Gary and I went to mall. Eat at KFC cos he’s craving for Krushers. Actually everyday he’s craving for it. Annoying cravings. HAHA.. Just like the other dates that we had it seemed like it’s a normal day, but it’s special on our own POVs.

On the different note, yes I’m home today. I went home early cos I have a fever and I don’t think that I could rest at school. I don’t know either if I can attend my classes tomorrow. And IDK to end this post too. HAHAHA.. Missing you guys already!


I’ve been working for a week now and day by day I’m loving my job. I have 9 students from 7am to 10am. 15 students from 10:30am to 1:30pm. 7 students from 1:30pm to 2:30pm and 3 students from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. I have mainstreamed students (SpEd) in every class. A total of 34 students a day. Now tell me. Who would not get happy if that’s the case?

I don’t have class na starting 4pm onward so I was thinking to stay home nalang again since I got a longer time to travel and go home and rest. Also I’ve got to realize what’s the difference of my expenses when I’m at home and when I’m at school. When I decided to stay at home again, my fare is the only thing I need to spend plus my lunch. While on the other hand when I decided to continue staying at the school I need to spend for my morning food, lunch food and dinner food plus the toiletries and other stuff. The only good thing in my staying in at school is that I wouldn’t get late. HAHA Though I’m still configuring what really matters most.

My classroom is air conditioned and it has a CCTV. My first time to have a classroom with security. Yes! Security because it’s intended for the students who’s really makulit. When they get to harm his/her classmate we could just replay the video and tadaaa problem solve right?

I’m gradually adjusting with the environment. I’m loving the administration, the nice parents and my very makukulit but adorable students. I hope it will just continue until the end of the school year.

On the other note, Thank you for my new readers. Though I turned inactive these past days I’ll see to it to talk and be friends with you when I got time. Thanks for reading!

PS: Sorry for the irrelevant picture. I’ve just missed audition :)


Finally! Whooo! The feels! Though it’s just a mini meet up. It’s really different from any other meet ups you’d know. This is my first time and I really thought that this first time would turned out dreary and frigid. But I was wrong. These ladies turned out to be the someone’s I know for a long time already. You can sense the rapport to each and everyone respectively. No wasted time. No hiyaan. No anything. We’re just seizing the short moment given for us.

Bei is so pretty in person. That’s a fact! I actually got starstruck at the first 10 seconds of seeing her. You really wouldn’t think the thought that she’s already a mother. Very ladylike. Ughh ingget me >.<

Aelar is so sweet and pretty too. I really love her hair. Suits her very well. Her speaking voice is so so calm. IDK I just find her very feminine maybe it’s just because she’s with her boyfriend HAHAHA Joke! :)

Thatha is oh so gorg and of course pretty three :D HAHAHAHA. The first one to go home bcos of gf duties daw. I just hope that she never get offended on how I commended her. I just love her presence kasi.

I’m glad that before getting busy with work related stuff I was able to meet these pretty ladies first. We’ve talked about random stuff. More specially about tumblr and our personal life.

Hi Bei, Aelar and Tha! You guys just added another special moment for me to remember and will never forget. Thank you for that wonderful time. Looking forward for the part 2. Hihihi..

Photos from Bei and Aelar :D

Life Lately..

  • Last July 2, 2014, Wednesday , my girlfriend have had asked me to apply to their school cos they’re really in need of teachers.
  • The next day which is June 3, Thursday, I went there to have my interview. Take note just the interview. So in my mind whenever I got to finish with the interview they’ll let me go home na. But no. They’ve asked me to stay pa and asked me to prepare for my demo teaching. An on-the-stop demo. Everything has happened in just a glimpse of a second. The next thing I know I’m already hired and I started to teach on the same day. I went home around 7pm T.T
  • June 4, 2014, Friday (My Second day of work) They let me handle those classes who has no teacher yet. I really don’t know where to start cause I don’t know yet where did they stop their lessons. Everything is an impromptu. Huhuhu..
  • My third day was yesterday. June 5, Saturday. The students have classes because they were making up on number of school days. But only that day. Then I finally got my schedule. It’s a full loaded schedule. I don’t have lunch break unlike to my former school. T.T

So yeah! I’m now working guys and gals. I’m a Preschool teacher. I’m handling Junior Kinder (Kinder), Senior Kinder (Prep), Grade 1 (English) and Grade 3 (Science). The school is in Manila just infront of PNR (IDK what station name but definitely it’s in Manila HAHA).

I’m still adjusting with the “new” environment. Just thankful cos I have a friend with me. Starting on Monday (tomorrow) I’ll stay in Manila na. Not for good of course just the school days though. I’m packing my things right now. Preparing for an LDR with Gary HAHAHA JK. I’ll be home on weekends naman. :)

So I’ll probably get pretty busy on the coming days and I think I wouldn’t get the chance to update this blog more often but I promise to update every week. Yea yeah that’s it.

Oopss btw See you in a bit Aelar, Bei and Thatha! :)

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Supposedly, you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Let’s find out, shall we? Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes library, media player etc. and write down first 20 songs that come up, no exceptions. Then pass this challenge on to 10 of your mutual followers.

  1. Perfect two - Auburn
  2. Give me love - Ed Sheeran
  3. Wedding dress - Tae Yang
  4. Let her go - Passenger
  5. Follow me - 2NE1
  6. If all the rain drops - Barney
  7. Chocolate Love - SNSD
  8. Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift
  9. New Soul -  Yael Naim
  10. Oh! - SNSD
  11. Volume Up - 4 minute
  12. Happy - Pharrell Williams
  13. I knew you were a trouble - Taylor Swift
  14. Not a bad thing - Justin TImberlake
  15. 22 - Taylor Swift
  16. We can’t stop - Miley Cyrus
  17. Cabi song - 2pm
  18. Royals - Lorde
  19. Collide - Howie day
  20. Genie - SNSD

So what do you guys think about the type of music I have? HAHA.. I’d love to hear your opinions. Hihihi :)

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  • Put your music player on shuffle.
  • For each question, press the next button once to get your answer.
  • Then write your answer which is the title of the song, no matter how silly it may sound. :D


  1. How dyou feel today? Skyscraper - Demi Lovato
  2. What is your motto? You first Believe - Hoku
  3. What do your friends think of you? All of me - John Legend
  4. What dyou think of your friends? Bubble pop! - Hyuna
  5. What dyou want to become? Mirrors- Justin Timberlake
  6. What dyou think when you see the person you like? Run Devil run - SNSD
  7. What scares you the most? Terrified - Katharine Mcphee
  8. What is x + 6 =10? Give me love - Ed Sheeran
  9. What hurts right now? Can’t Nobody - 2NE1
  10. How will you die? Mine - Taylor Swift

Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.


It’s been a long time ago since I have made a Happy list entry and this time it is just and right to make one. So let’s give it a drum roll HAHA :D

† New Month. Hooray for July! I don’t know why I’m even happy with this new month. Perhaps I just sense a pretty good vibes through out July.

† New Sala Set for our cute little house. Goodbye old sofa. Isama mo lahat ng surot dyan!

† Audition DB Ph Secret Garden gifts. I’ve got alot of Epoints gift from Audition DB Ph on our garden lately. Audi gets generous as time goes by. Just look at my character on the photo. Isn’t it adorable? :D

† New Theme for my blog. This is the third time that LA tweaked a theme for me. She always makes me kulit. I just couldn’t say no. HAHAHA kidding aside I really love everything she did. Check out my new theme here :)

† Meet up with co-bloggers. It’s now final. Thatha, Bei and Aelar and me is having our “mini meet up” this coming July 6, Sunday. Hey girls. I’ve spread the words already so there’s no turning back na! See you!

† Mom wants me to enroll my MA. IDK if it’s a good decision to enroll my MA already this coming October. But mom really do insists me. So hello school life on October for me.

† Good news from my godmother. My godmother had gave me a letter about her school. She’s a principal in San Mateo Elem. School in San Mateo Rizal and she wants me to become one of the volunteer teachers there-with pay daw. So I’m pretty excited when to start. Proly this August..

Crazy Bloggers. If you’re my follower on twitter you proly knew about this already. Joyce, Kath, LA, Yesha and me is having this experiment thing-y—The LikesforLike tag and the app thing-y for likes on IG. Though I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe after this post. HAHAHA!

Quality Time with Gary my loves. Nothing beats the presence of Gary by my side. Though he’s being nega these days. Cos he’s doubting about my love for him. He even asked me “Hindi mo na siguro ako mahal. HIndi ka na nagba-blog sa tumblr eh” HAHA beybi you’re so cute.I’m only just pretty lazy to make an entry lately I will always love you kaya!

There you go. Thanks for reading!
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June 25, 2014 // 41st Monthsary

We’re really the type of couple who rarely took pictures together. That’s why I’ve just make kalkal my old folders and the photo above is the only one I got. HAHAHA.. So Please participate in the future you man!

Hi Beybi! I swear IRDK what to say to you anymore. Words are really not enough to thank you for all the things you’ve done to me. For all the comforting, understanding, and most especially for loving me—unconditionally. There are times that I tend to be immature and you just won’t mind me cos you know that I’m just making arte and you’re aware that my kaartehan will surely pass in just a span of a minute or so, that’s why you’re not making patol pa to me. Haha. 

We’re now on our 41st months (3 years and 5 months) and as what we’ve talked for the past days we promised to get married on 2020 right? Hihi so we still have 6 more years to enjoy are lives as boyfriend-girlfriend. 6 more years to fulfill our dreams. Let’s seize everyday of it. Let’s travel soon. Okay?! Okay?!

I love you and I love you and I love you so much.. Sorry if I wasn’t able to go and see you today. I find it hard to breath talaga eh blame this effin cold of mine. Huhubels. But I promise to make it up to you if I already get better. I miss you my one and only.

PS: Oops and also Happy 5th Birthday to my fave, adorable little girl Kendra Superstar. I super adore you to the twenty fifth power! Hihihi..

It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.
Oh how I love this quote. Whoever on earth said the quote, hands down to you ma men! But still no matter how big heart I have if I don&#8217;t have the platform, how could I touch those little minds? Sorry guys. This is just a sudden late night realization. Kdot. Kbye!
Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.

It takes a big heart to help shape little minds.

Oh how I love this quote. Whoever on earth said the quote, hands down to you ma men! But still no matter how big heart I have if I don’t have the platform, how could I touch those little minds? Sorry guys. This is just a sudden late night realization. Kdot. Kbye!

Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.


I will no longer go into details cos it’s not my wedding naman and in the first place IRDK how to make this entry in a good way as it seems. The wedding was held at Barasoain Church Malolos Bulacan. This is just to show you guys some of the photos taken by me. Hihihi.. 

The Principal Sponsors

The Secondary Sponsors

The Maid of Honor, Best Man, Flower girls, Bearers, Little Groom (Xian) and Little Bride.

And some of my pictures with AJ. The reason why I look pretty here is just becos I’m beside her. HAHA Hashtag mean ate here! LEWL..

*Sigh* Two down. 3 more to go. I mean Ate Gemma and Kuya are now married. Ate Mhean, Me, and Aj left single. The question here now is.. Who will be the next to get married? HAHAHA..

Anyway, back to me.. what can you guys say with my wavy long hair? It should be curly but my hair is too stubborn to have a perfect fall. I have tried and practice different ways to curl a hair already. I even seek opinion to Aly cause I saw a picture of her with the curl I love to have but still my hair won’t just cooperate. Amp.

On the other hand, I had replied to all messages and comments already and thanks for the sweet messages to my 4 years of blogging. You guys really rock my inbox Hihihi.. 

More photos here